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Senior Strategic Buyer.

Telecoms preferred Senior strategic buyer to manage the sourcing process for new strategic needs of the companies (Operators) - e.g. sourcing of products and services for defined strategic projects/ strategic vendors, in alignment with the interest of Operators, to obtain a competitive advantage considering the global business case and the total lifetime value, working under defined policies and procedures.

Must have good presentation Skills in English as delaing with International suppl;iers

Role description:

Responsible to lead a sourcing process for high value-high complexity, multi years, multi commodity projects, requiring Stakeholders alignment and validation at the highest level and partnering with Strategic vendors for core areas of our business: network - mobile network elements (equipment and services), IT investments (network tools and IT enterprise).
- Develops a strategic approach for complex and international procurement
initiatives / supplier business: organisation of the process, define an appropriate specific sourcing techniques, business case definition, stakeholders alignment, negotiation
- Scans the market to keep abreast of technological and market changes, which
can also result in opportunities to reduce TCO and implements best practice
- Controls the claim management (escalation instance) in case of quality, logistic
and quantity problems

Degree & Specific expertise:
- University Degree and minimum 5-8 years relevant procurement experience
- Sourcing techniques
- Negotiation techniques and skills
- Project Management awareness
- Knowledge of Finance (Business case, reporting, budgeting..)
- Knowledge of legal and contractual aspects
- Presentation skills (orally demonstrating and convincing investment objectives)
- Strategic Purchasing Expertise (5-8 years)
- Relevant experience in the defined P&S (3-5 years)

- Remote workingis possible 40% of the month.

- Fluency in English

Full Spec upon application

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